House: 43 (4th & 6th floor), Road: 05, Sector: 13 Uttara, Dhaka

Abu Sama Farid

Mr. Abu Sama has more than 20 years of professional experience in sales and marketing. He also has deep knowledge in the agriculture and medicine sectors. He has an excellent ability of managing large team and can train them as per company requirements. He can analysis quickly a market and can formulate strategies instantly. Typically he works for companies to help them meet their revenue needs. He works closely with other department heads like finance, business affairs, research and operations to establish a department budget, encourage sales through marketing campaigns and address customer complaints. His job is to hold meetings with sales staff to review monthly goals, highlight new products to sell and cultivate sales pitches. He also be responsible for attending in-person meetings with clients to renew their contract or discuss new company products. He is a coach and a mentor for his team.