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Potato Export

 Bangladesh’s no.1 export variety table potato
Sunshine is a very early to early table potato with cooking type B. Its long oval, well-shaped tubers attract with their very shallow eyes, smooth skin and unique brightness. Sunshine grows rapidly and achieves early high yields. Remarkable is its very early skin finish. It shows resistances against black leg, common scab and bruising. Resistant to PCN Ro 1.

We’re committed to maintaining the highest quality. We produce our table potatoes through the contract farmers and in our supervision. Our potato growing zone is at Thakurgaon district which is the most northern part of Bangladesh. This part of Bangladesh is considered highly preferable for producing potatoes due to its soil condition. It is known to all that the color, shape, and size of the potatoes we get here always meet our client’s expectations.

To maintain the highest quality, we import potato seeds directly from The Netherlands.
A team of experts frequently visits our potato field. They observe every situation and act accordingly to maintain quality.
 We grow potato to export.