House: 43 (4th & 6th floor), Road: 05, Sector: 13 Uttara, Dhaka

About Us

Planten Agro Limited is an agro business initiative targeting Bangladesh’s hyper competitive agriculture market. The journey of Planten started in 2021 with the intention to serve different market actors around the agriculture value chain and to provide the required support and services to grow to its full potential. Planten has initiated a plan to do excellent for the sector and the dynamically potential agriculture market in terms of;
  • Vegetable seed marketing
  • Potato seed production and marketing
  • Table potato exporting

Planten is led by a reputed team of experts who is well experienced and competent for DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING DEVELOPMENT PROJECT focusing mainly on market systems, market development, value chain, public-private partnership, and health & nutrition. We also work on the following;

  • Research and study
  • Implement corporate transformation
  • Implement market development approach
  • Develop module and conduct training